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Love at First Bite Cafe

Love at First Bite Cafe

Come Sample a Bit of California Confused Cuisine at Love at First Bite Cafe

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Tues - Sat
7:30am - 3pm
8am - 3pm
Tami Wright - Owner

Tami Wright


Tami has worked long and hard to make her dream of owning a small local cafe where she can share her love for cooking a reality; where she can welcome the local community as curious, hungry visitors and wish them well as friends after their feast.

Tami has always had a passion for good food, be it homemade, local, fresh or organic, and now has the opportunity to share her love with Sacramento. Hand-in-hand with a supportive group of family and friends, Tami hopes to have a positive and welcome impact in the community.

Grandma Maime

Grandma Mamie


Mamie was born in St. Louis Missouri on December 29, 1921 to two Italian immigrants. Her parents, both from Castelvetrano Sicily, recently immigrated to the US to make a new life for themselves and their family. To Mamie, the kitchen was more than a place to just cook food. It was a place where love was shared with friends and family, and where the art of growing and making food was just as important as eating it. To this very day, Tami and her daughter Stephanie still make traditional Italian candy and cookies every Christmas - just like grandma did!

In our family, knowing our food, from seed to plate, is very important.

Mamie's husband, Grandpa Joe, grew a very large garden and was in charge of the fresh vegetables and fruits. Every meal was from fresh ingredients and home cooked. Mamie would take care not to use processed foods that might contain harmful ingredients for her family. Grandma took the time to carefully select and grind her own sausage and hamburger meats, always taking time to understand all that her family ate.

And it is because of Grandma Mamie that we carefully select our purveyors to ensure the highest quality of foods for our patrons and why we take the time to cure and grind our own hamburger and sausage meats... just like grandma did!


Let us take some of that stress away from your big event.
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